All-artist exhibit coming in April to MH Interpretive Centre, with Snakes on the Prairies on throughout March

The Medicine Hat Interpretive Centre is opening up its gallery for an exhibition of art created by locals in the community and inspired by the city they live in.

The theme is Mosaic of Medicine Hat and the art can be about whatever makes the city special to the artist. It could be directly related to the city itself, or a piece of art inspired by the region.

“Whatever your interpretation is of that,” stated park interpreter Grace Porter. “It’s pretty open.”

Any type of art is being accepted, including poetry, painting, sculpture, or any other form, from any person no matter their age or ability.

“It’s open to whoever wants to submit something. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional artist or have never done any art before. You can bring it down and we’ll put it up,” said Porter.

Art is being accepted throughout the month of March and the exhibition will be displayed for all of April. Porter thinks the gallery could hold up to 150 pieces, depending on the size of those submitted. She encourages anyone interested to get their creative juices flowing and bring something down to be displayed.

Currently, Snakes on the Prairies is on display for the month of March at the Interpretive Centre. The display contains information about all the different types of snakes that live in this region, about their protection along with some information on Snakes on the Plain, which handles snake relocation. There is a game area and snakes hidden in the rafters for those who visit to try and find.

For more information, contact the Medicine Hat Interpretive Centre by email at or call them at 403-529-6225.

SAMANTHA JOHNSON, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Medicine Hat News