Ashley Graham's followers applaud her nude, unretouched magazine cover shoot: 'Thank you for making me feel normal'

Model Ashley Graham shared her nude, unretouched photos on Instagram. (Photo: Michele Crowe/CBS via Getty Images)
Model Ashley Graham shared her nude, unretouched photos on Instagram. (Photo: Michele Crowe/CBS via Getty Images)

Ashley Graham is sharing her naked body, no retouching required.

The model, 34, took to Instagram on Saturday to share several photos of herself in the buff from a new magazine spread with The Perfect Magazine. The photos include one of Graham laying down on a blue background with dark eyeliner, covering her chest, as well as a black and white close up of her body.

Graham included a text from Perfect founder Katie Grand, who asked, “Conceptually, what do you think to no retouching on the photos?” Graham, who gave birth to twin boys in January after welcoming her first child in 2020, responded with, “I personally think it’s the best choice! The pictures look stunning and speak for themselves.”

The decision to not retouch the images was met with applause from Graham’s followers in the comment section. One wrote, “GORGEOUS. Thank you, on behalf of all women. You are incredible!!!” Another added, “Yessss. Shedding light to natural bodies and mom bods love it!!”

A third commented, "Thank you for making me feel normal."

Graham has long celebrated her form, and wants others to celebrate their post-pregnancy bodies as well. She wrote about initially struggling to love how her body changed in an op-ed for Glamour.

"I was bringing it up constantly to my team. I was like, 'You don’t understand. I used to be a sex symbol, and now I am a baby-making machine and I have stretch marks up to my belly button. What the eff is happening?'" she wrote. "Then one day I just stopped and thought, Screw it, this is my life, and I posted a photo of my stretch marks on Instagram, which that day my husband described to me as looking like the tree of life. Bless him."

In June, Graham shared a video of herself dancing in a Knix bra and panty set, along with the caption, “Posting this video for all the mamas who haven’t and may never 'bounce back' and for anyone who needs to be reminded that your body is beautiful in its realest form. this is my strong, five-month-postpartum-been-pregnant-for-two-years body. as it is. in hopes to further normalize ALL bodies in every and any stage of life.”

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