Ashley Graham's 'cozy weekend look' is much sexier than yours

Tanya Edwards
Photo: Instagram

Model Ashley Graham is no stranger to showing a little skin on Instagram, and she’s going into the weekend in fashionable form. Late on Friday, she shared a sizzling photo on the app, in which she was  wearing black undergarments with a burgundy fur wrapped around her. The model’s hair is styled straight with a few waves, and she’s wearing a choker necklace and glam makeup. Casual.

She captioned the image, “Cozy weekend look.”



The supermodel’s fans were mostly enthusiastic on the post. One wrote, “Wow! You’re killing it baby! This look SLAYS.” Another wrote, simply, “Wow!!!!”

A few fans took issue with one part of the look, the fur coat the model draped over her shoulders.

ouraniia wrote, “Hope it’s not a real fur…@ashleygraham.” earthguryl added, “A fur? To what end? Nah. Girl bye.”

Graham didn’t clarify in the post if the fur is real or not, but almost every social media post of someone wearing fur sees commenters weighing in and asking if it’s faux fur.

The curvy model has been on a posting binge lately, sharing a series of sizzling shots from her shoot for Sports Illustrated‘s upcoming swimsuit issue, with her trademark snappy captions.

The latest shows the model perched on a tree in a string bikini, which she points out is “just as comfortable as it looks.”



“Thick chicks in #SportsIllustrated,” she captioned another photo of her appearance of this year’s SI issue.

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