Ashley Park Reveals How She Sprained Her Ankle Before Paris Fashion Week (Spoiler: It Involved Beyoncé)

Park debuted her ankle brace during Paris Fashion week and wore it for subsequent events in the following weeks

Ashley Park is getting candid about how she ended up in crutches at Paris Fashion Week.

The Emily in Paris star, 31, revealed on Friday's episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show that she had sprained her ankle while attending Beyoncé's Dubai concert in January for the opening of the new Atlantis The Royal Resort.

"I was just walking to the bathroom afterwards, and I think I was just in a stupor a little bit. I think my friend was holding my hand and let go. And it was a new hotel so the pathways, that you can kind of fall off of it and my ankle strap was a little bit loose, so I fell," Park told host Jennifer Hudson.

The actress noted that she has "very weak ankles" and never sprained anything before the incident because she got "really good at falling," but this time was different.

"I didn't realize I'd sprained my ankle cause I was so embarrassed that I fell into bushes," she said.

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"You fell into the bushes?," a shocked Hudson asked.

"Yeah I was like, 'I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm okay.' The dress was so short and so I had all these scratches, I was like, 'I'm good,' and then I got back to my seat, I was like ohhh that's really - [my ankle] was like the size of my thigh," she recalled. "I was like, 'I feel like that's not great.' So then I was in a wheelchair and crutches for a bit."

However, Hudson noted that "didn't stop" Park from attending Paris Fashion Week.

Park was snapped in late January at Valentino's Spring/Summer 2023 Haute Couture show during Paris Fashion Week, wearing a black brace wrapped around one of her ankles, which she managed to style underneath her studded stiletto heels. She rocked a satin blazer dress with a V logo catsuit underneath.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

She also attended the Rahul Mishra Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2023 show wearing the brace with a trailing gold gown decorated with sequin leaf appliqués and another pair of shy-high heels.

"Yeah I got a little overly confident," Park admitted as Hudson showed a video of her losing her balance on crutches in her dressing room. "I was like 'Oh it's fine,' and the day after that it was pretty bad. Then I was like I really have to take care of myself. We have to take care of our bodies. We only have one."

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"After that people were like you should do mobility aids… that's why my stylist Erin Walsh and her assistant, they bedazzled this [ankle brace] for me," she added, showing off her boot, which she also wore to the 2023 SAG Awards Red Carpet.

"The scary thing is, not that this is a session on physical therapy, but just rolling it again," Park said noting that she was being more careful with her ankle.

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