Ashley Tisdale opens up about ‘pressure’ to breastfeed: ‘No one tells you how hard it really is’

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Ashley Tisdale is opening up about her breastfeeding journey.

In a post on her lifestyle blog Frenshe, the actress and singer shared her decision to feed her baby formula. "I wish someone would’ve told me how hard breastfeeding really was," the 35-year-old mother to a baby girl named Jupiter wrote. "You see your friends who are new moms feeding their babies make it look so easy. But no one tells you how hard it really is."

Tisdale went on to address the "pressure" that so many moms face when it comes to breastfeeding — something that she previously discussed with Yahoo Life — and the conversation around it, sharing that there's a misconception that the "best moms" are the ones who breastfeed. From day one with Jupiter, Tisdale had difficulties getting her baby to latch.

"I probably should’ve taken that as a hint, but instead I kept on trying, even though I could tell Jupiter was frustrated," she wrote. "This made me upset because I just wanted to have a good experience with feeding her for the first time."

Tisdale decided to pump and bottle feed her little girl, saying that Jupiter "LOVED" the bottle. "That was the moment I realized that maybe breastfeeding isn’t meant for us," she wrote. "I pumped all day, and never looked forward to pumping. I would look at the pump like it held me back from really being in the moment with Juju and enjoying my first weeks of motherhood."

The new mom had a conversation with her husband, Christopher French, where she said, "I feel like we’re striving and not thriving with this breast milk situation," although she was still determined to make it work. At the end of the day, however, she was most concerned about developing a good relationship with feeding for Jupiter and providing the best nutrition for her, which meant turning to formula.

"The thing about formula is that you still have that same special moment with your baby that you do with breastfeeding. You’re still looking into your baby’s eyes, whether it’s with your breast or a bottle," she continued. "I know it’s super popular right now to post an Instagram picture of you breastfeeding, but what about the other moms who don’t have that experience? The moms who try it, and it just doesn’t work out?"

Tisdale also posted about her experience on Instagram, where she received praise and support from other mothers who had similar experiences.

"Thank you so much for speaking out about this! My breast feeding journey for both of my kids didn’t happen the way we wanted, and it’s horrible how some women shame others for doing what they think is best for their kids. My kids are healthy and thriving and were raised on formula," one person wrote.

Another commented, "Good job mama! Breastfeeding doesn't work for every baby and mother and that's ok."

Although Tisdale seems to be in more of a routine three months into motherhood, she previously shared some unexpected postpartum challenges aside from her difficulties with breastfeeding.

"No one really prepares you for that fourth trimester," she told Yahoo Life. "You're going through all this stuff. And then on top of that, you have your baby and you're adjusting to your new life of trying to figure out that schedule."

And while she said she loves having a community to turn to on social media, she admitted to catching herself comparing herself to other mothers on there.

"So I just kind of had to stop myself and be like, you know what? We all feel differently. We all go through different journeys; no one's journey is the same," she said. "I think it's very important to just have patience with yourself."

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