Ask the Expert: Where can I find an ABS module for my ageing Ford Granada?

The Ford Granada Mk3 is a classic, despite not being as desirable as the Mk1 or Mk2
The Ford Granada Mk3 is a classic, despite not being as desirable as the Mk1 or Mk2

Dear Alex,

I have been trying – unsuccessfully – to find an ABS control module for my 1990 Mk3 Ford Granada Ghia. While there appear to be certain models available, none seems to be suitable for my car. Given it has done only around 78,000 miles, I am loath to scrap it. Can you help?

– DH

Dear DH,

Kudos to you for trying to keep your Granada going – having owned two Mk3s in the past I’ve got a real soft spot for them, despite the fact that it seemingly doesn’t get as much love as the earlier (and arguably more desirable) Mk1 and Mk2 models.

Back in the day, Ford made much of the fact that the Granada was one of the first cars to come with ABS as standard, but as you might expect, the system was a very early one, bought in from Teves, and rather primitive by today’s standards. And as you’ve found, there were quite a few different permutations.

I have suggestions, but none is guaranteed. My first thought is to check whether the ABS module is in fact defunct, and to make sure there isn’t a problem with the connectors. You’ve probably tried this already, but give the connectors a clean with a cotton bud and some contact cleaner.

My next suggestion is to try to get your current ABS module repaired. There are companies that do this; for instance, Actronics in Colchester. I’ve never used them but I’ve heard good things. They don’t list a refurbished exchange module for the Granada, but they might be able to take it on. Call them on 01206 849920.

My final course of action would be to ring auto electricians in your local area, to see if they might be willing to take the module apart and try to trace the fault. You never know – one of them might take pity on you. Good luck!

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