What would you ask Kathleen Wynne?

What would you ask Kathleen Wynne?

Yahoo Canada News will be talking to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and we want to know what questions you have for her.

Despite being labeled the least popular premier in Canada, Wynne is running for re-election in Ontario this year. From using the hashtag-worth phrase “sorry not sorry” in the last leadership debate to comparing Doug Ford to Donald Trump, the current Ontario premier is not backing down from the race.

The provincial government’s 2018 budget outlines the introduction of a drug and dental program that will cover 80 per cent of various drug and dental expenses. The Liberals also plan on expanding the OHIP+ program to cover senior, with a projected cost of $575 million.

Wynne’s government also plans to start a $2.2 billion free all-day daycare program for preschoolers in 2020 and establish high-speed rail transportation from Toronto to Windsor.

Two issues that have garnered extensive criticism of the Liberal government are hydro and the provincial deficit. Wynne’s government does not plan on returning the budget to balance until at least 2024-2025. On hydro, there is a Fair Hydro Plan in place that has lowered electricity bills by an average of 25 per cent, higher for rural communities.

Polls currently have Wynne sitting in third place, behind her NDP and Progressive Conservative counterparts, with roughly 20 per cent support.

So what questions do you have for Wynne before you head to the polls? What answers are you still waiting for? Let us know in the comments!