We asked! CBC Radio P.E.I. gets generous with advice for turning 40

CBC Radio's Island Morning asked for your advice on celebrating 40 years — which the broadcaster did Tuesday — and you delivered.

Sincere best wishes

James Taylor advises, "Take it one day at a time and live without regret."

"Be grateful! Enjoy the moments that seem small, because they end up being the big ones," wrote Margie McIver.

"On your 40th you should read the top news story, listen to the top of the chart song, and check out the most popular movie from the day you were born," suggested someone using the email handle O'Keefe Lake.

"40 is the new 20, you are young at heart!" encourages Marguerite Arsenault.

"You guys already do a great job of talking about the things Islanders want to talk about," emailed Roxanne Laughlin. "I don't know what mornings would be like without you guys — Happy 40th and many more!"

Looking back

Islanders also indulged in a healthy dose of nostalgia.

Joanne Ings, who worked for CBC back in 1977, tweeted a photo with the caption, "We were 1st local station on FM in 1977 and gave away these radios to start the audience build!"

Listener Beth Johnston, also an occasional columnist on Island Morning, remembered growing up with CBC Radio as her morning soundtrack. 

Humourously yours

"Dear Island Morning, my advice on turning 40 is: Dance with the one that brought ya!" wrote Marc MacDonald via email. "Don't go get a fast new red studio and chase a younger, pretty fan base. Stick with us!"

"Turning 40? Golf more!" suggested Maurice Chiasson. 

"Moisturize," joked Scapes PEI. "Haha, but really. Also, if you haven't started to save for retirement yet, get on that as well."

Bucket list

Many of you suggested making up a bucket list of things to do before it's too late.

In that vein, Randall Angus advised, "Go for it, whatever that is, without any hesitation: you're halfway done."

Getting fit, enjoying friendships, giving back to the community and taking time to enjoy life's pleasures were also themes in the dozens of emails CBC P.E.I. received. 

"You're never too old to start new things or change careers," suggested Spector's Hockey via email.

"One word: Celebrate!" exhorted Juliana Elsinga.

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