ATACMS missile strike takes out 100+ Russian soldiers training in occupied Luhansk Oblast - OSINT analysts

Ukraine hit a concentration of Russian equipment and troops in the Luhansk Oblast
Ukraine hit a concentration of Russian equipment and troops in the Luhansk Oblast

A recent ATACMS long-rangemissile strike by Ukraine likely killed over 100 Russian soldiers training in temporarily occupied Luhansk Oblast, Newsweek reported, citing OSINT analysts.

The training ground is near Rohovo, Luhansk Oblast - nearly 80 kilometers from the frontline.

It is believed that Ukraine used four ATACMS missiles in the raid, one of which did not explode.

OSINT analyst GeoConfirmed posted avideo of the strike on X.

"Judging by the footage, the losses will be significant," GeoConfirmed said.

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At least one ATACMS missile struck a group of Russian invaders "of more than 100 soldiers, showering them with hundreds of M74 APAM bombs," an analyst with the username OSINTtechnical wrote.

Russian troops and equipment were seen busy at the site just minutes before the strike, OSINTtechnical claimed, providing pictures of the activity.

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Drone video of the strike appeared online on May 1.

ATACMS missiles for Ukraine

The United States had already secretly sent ATACMS to Ukraine, Reuters reported on April 24, citing an American official.

Ukraine used them in strikes in Crimea last week, the Pentagon later confirmed.

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Ukraine secretly received more than 100 ATACMS missiles and many cluster munitions from the United States in March, reported The New York Times on April 25, citing a high-ranking American representative.

Ukraine used the missiles received in March to hit the Russian airfield in Dzhankoy, Crimea, to destroy Russian S-300 and S-400 air defense systems, and to target Russian troops in southeast Ukraine, the NYT said.

The U.S. would provide Ukraine with as many ATACMS missiles as it could, Pentagon head, Lloyd Austin, said on May 1.

The draft law on aid to Ukraine, signed on April 24 by U.S. President Joe Biden, marked a new stage in American weapon delivery to Ukraine by including ATACMS long-range missiles.

Earlier, the White House was reticent to transfer the missiles to Ukraine, citing the risk of escalating Russia's war on Ukraine.

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