Atlantic: Tens of thousands without power amid vicious wind gusts

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Atlantic: Tens of thousands without power amid vicious wind gusts
Atlantic: Tens of thousands without power amid vicious wind gusts

The bulk of the system is behind us, but its impacts are still being felt in the form of powerful winds across Atlantic Canada, rattling windows and leaving tens of thousands in the dark Saturday morning. While conditions will improve through the day, calmer, clearer skies come at the cost of some bitterly cold temperatures for Sunday. We take a look at what you need to know below.


  • Strong winds for first half of Saturday, especially in Newfoundland
  • Temperature plunge into early Sunday with bitterly cold wind chill values
  • Next system expected to bring snow, rain, freezing rain on Monday-
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Lingering snow and blowing snow mark the morning hours for much of the Maritimes and Newfoundland as powerful wind gusts surge through the area in the wake of Friday's snowy system.

Widespread power outages had much of Nova Scotia waking up in the dark, with nearly 50,000 customers reported to be without power early Saturday morning. By 2:30 p.m. AST, that number had dropped to about 24,000, with several thousand also without power in Newfoundland. That's in the wake of significant ice accumulation from Friday's storm that left tree branches and power lines vulnerable to winds overnight.

While winds have started to ease across Nova Scotia, gusts over 50 km/h are still being reported, particularly for Cape Breton Island and for exposed coastal areas.

Meanwhile, much of Newfoundland is still seeing the harshest winds the system has to offer, with St. John's International reporting gusts of 100 km/h throughout the morning. Many spots around the island are also seeing blowing snow and reduced visbility, thanks to the vicious winds.

Most of the weather warnings that were in place Saturday morning had dropped by the early afternoon, with only wind warnings lingering in the southeast.


A break in the active weather will make for a calm, but cold, Sunday across Atlantic Canada. High pressure building into the region will bring a well-deserved sunny break for most, though it comes at the cost of some frigid temperatures.


Sunday morning will feature wind chill values in the -20s for most of the region, with some spots dropping into the -30s near dawn.

Afternoon temperatures recover somewhat, though highs across the region will struggle to crack the -5ºC mark, and lingering gusty winds will keep it feeling like the minus teens for almost everyone.



Forecasters are keeping a close eye on the next new system expected to track into Atlantic Canada on Monday. While this low looks to start life as a moisture-starved Alberta clipper, it has the potential to tap into Atlantic moisture as it moves into the Maritimes, and that means the potential for another 5 to 15 cm of snow are on the horizon for some. Rain and freezing rain are also likely, particularly across the south.


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