ATP isn't Calgary's only theatre company struggling in downturn

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ATP isn't Calgary's only theatre company struggling in downturn

Alberta Theatre Projects, which went public with an appeal to help its deteriorating bottom line, isn't the only Calgary theatre company that's suffering during the current downturn.

On Thursday, ATP launched a campaign to help it weather the economic storm, hoping to raise $200,000 in donations. 

The theatre company, which specializes in staging new Canadian theatre productions, said its corporate sponsorships are down 77 per cent. 

Rentals and niches

Bellamy said the downturn in oil and gas has impacted corporate sponsorship to his company too, but renting their space at the bottom of the Calgary Tower helps.

"We try to encourage use of it by other arts groups, so that we can give them affordable space that helps us gain more revenue," he said.

Across the hall at Vertigo Theatre, the company has also seen a drop off in corporate support, but fortunately people are still buying tickets.

Both Vertigo and Lunchbox agree that ATP's pain is felt across Calgary's theatre scene, but Bellamy said the key for helping the show to go on is simple, in word if not deed. 

"Basically, it's people coming," he said. 

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