Attack drones strike one of the largest chemical plants in Rostov Oblast

Kamensky plant in Rostov Oblast
Kamensky plant in Rostov Oblast

Three drones reportedly targeted the Kamensky Chemical Plant in Russia’s Rostov Oblast, with all drones purportedly being intercepted, one of which landed on the administrative building, the Russian Telegram channel Astra reported on April 18.

Earlier, Rostov region governor Vasily Golubev said that “as a result of fall of debris, glazing on an industrial building in Kamensk was damaged.”

Governor did not specify which facility was attacked.

In addition, according to Golubev, one of plant’s employees was lightly injured.

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According to Astra, Kamensky plant is one of the largest chemical enterprises in southern Russia. In 2011, CIA partially disclosed information related to development of RT-2 solid-fueled intercontinental ballistic missile in USSR.

In documents of the US intelligence agency, the Kamensk-Shakhtinsky plant listed as a place for production of composite fuel for rocket engines of this type and as a placement of test facilities.

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