ATVs denied road access

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ATVers will not be cruising up and down Southwest Middlesex roadways anytime soon — not legally anyway.

After the Province made it legal last year to use lower traffic and speed-limit roads for driving ATVs and other off-road recreation vehicles, it was up to counties and municipalities to ban them or not. Southwest Middlesex joined many others in not allowing it.

A pilot project to form an ATV club similar to snowmobile associations fizzled, and Kelsey McConnell from Dutton tried to convince council at its April 13 meeting to open roads up without a club, following the example of North Middlesex and Adelaide Metcalfe.

His plea was denied with everyone except Coun. Christa Cowell voting to follow the recommendation of director of operations Greg Storms and keep the status quo.

A major reason cited was the difficulty of enforcement, with the OPP confirming they would not pursue any ATVers breaking rules who left the roadway.

Chris Gareau, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner

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