Aubrey O'Day shares bare-faced photo: 'I'm just the same ol girl I've always been with more gray hair'

On Wednesdays, we don't wear makeup — well, according to Aubrey O'Day, that is.

The former Danity Kane member shared a bare-faced photo to Instagram on Wednesday, addressing commentary surrounding her penchant for filler, makeup and hair extensions in the caption.

"On [Wednesdays], we wear No Makeup OR Hair! I am always being asked if I am overdoing fillers, surgery, or don't think I'm pretty without glam? The answer is NO!" she began her caption.

The 38-year-old has become known for her over-the-top glam. Despite her affinity for a little extra va-va-voom, O'Day is totally fine with rocking a bare face. She just simply chooses not to most of the time.

"I just love putting my art on display.. and as someone who can do professional hair, makeup, styling, the creative, & shoot myself, plus edit it all solo.. it's fun for me to switch it up and challenge my creative abilities," she wrote.

In addition to her au naturel face and hair, she wore a zebra printed blazer and an extensive stack of rings.

She closed out her caption with love to her fans and a reminder that full beat or fresh-faced, she is still the same Aubrey.

"Love you guys! Fresh Face to Drag Race.. I'm just the same ol girl I've always been with more gray hair Xo," she wrote.

Fans assured O'Day that they love her look no matter what and appreciate her transparency regarding cosmetic procedures.

"People underestimate how different makeup can change the face! You're still a stunner and you've publicly said you've gotten lip fillers and such (like most people in Hollywood!)" wrote one user.

"[You're] gorgeous with or without!!!" wrote another.

The post bore a striking contrast to the rest of O'Day's editorial-style photos that usually feature an exotic location and jaw-dropping makeup looks.

In July, the Making the Band alumni posted a photo of herself edited against a Santorini backdrop rocking a deep-plunge cutout dress, a high up-do and a daring red lip.

"We build sandcastles in the sand, knowing all the time that they will be washed away.. yet, we keep building them anyway," she captioned the photo.

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