Aubrey Plaza Awkwardly Attempts Jennifer Lopez’s Hustlers Pole Dance: 'I Don't Want to Do This'

Helen Murphy

Aubrey Plaza is channeling Jennifer Lopez‘s Hustlers character!

During Thursday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Plaza, 35, was asked about her upcoming gig hosting the Independent Spirit Awards for the second time next month. At the annual awards show, Lopez, 50, is nominated for the best supporting female award for Hustlers, in which she plays the leader of a group of strippers who scammed high-rolling men out of thousands of dollars.

“Will you do weird things for the show like — here’s what I’m thinking,” Ellen DeGeneres said during the interview. “Jennifer Lopez is nominated for Hustlers. You should do like a pole routine!”

“Absolutely not,” the Parks and Recreation alum replied.

However, DeGeneres, 61, had a surprise up her sleeve, and brought out a stripper pole for Plaza to “practice” her Independent Spirit Awards routine on.

“You said you don’t mind being humiliated and I think it would be funny and so I got a pole here,” the television host explained as Plaza audibly groaned. “You said you don’t mind being humiliated and this — we’re not even sure if you’ll be humiliated! This is gonna be fun for all of us.”

Aubrey Plaza on The Ellen DeGeneres Show | Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers | STXfilms

“I don’t want to do this,” Plaza said as she stepped up to the pole.

The actress first attempted Lopez’s iconic Hustlers move of flipping upside down while on the pole, but quickly fell over onto the ground. DeGeneres helped her back onto the pole, joking, “You’re not that good at it!”

Plaza then successfully grabbed onto the pole and slid down it, before jokingly posing and giving a thumbs up on the ground.

“That’s wonderful!” DeGeneres laughed. “That’s great!”

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Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers | Barbara Nitke/STXfilms

In September, Lopez released a behind-the-scenes YouTube video explaining how she learned to pole dance last year for Hustlers. The intense process involved working with a personal trainer and setting up a practice pole in her home.

“This is just as hard as anything I’ve ever learned,” the actress and singer says at one point in the video, pointing out the cuts and bruises on her legs. “It might be one of the hardest.”

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Though Lopez was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award and a Golden Globe for Hustlers, she did not receive a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination on Monday, leading to shock and outrage from her fans.

The stripper drama, based on a true story, opened to an estimated $33.2 million, as well as an overwhelmingly positive response from critics.