Aurora Berryalis a winning flavour

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THUNDER BAY, ONT. — When cafe owner Taylor Green needed to find a name for his 30th biscotti flavour that he created for his Sleeping Giant Biscotti

Company, he reached out to the community. He developed a friendly online competition on social media platforms to entice people to come up with a name for his springtime, white-chocolate and raspberry biscotti.

Each name had to be a maximum of 18 characters with bonus considerations given for names featuring a local or northern element.

“There were some really good ones,” Green said. “One of them was Sibley irresistible, but it was one letter too long so I just wasn’t able to use it, unfortunately.”

His labels were too small to print longer names legibly.

“There were a lot of seasonal ones and a lot of snow related ones,” he said. “But this is kind of a spring flavour for us, so we wanted to get away from the snow if we could, and we settled on Aurora Berryalis.”

There were two winners, both who picked up prize packages containing a Sleeping Giant Biscotti mug, biscotti samples, an instant drink and a biscotti six pack of the flavour that they named.

“We try to be as creative as we can,” Green said. “Sometimes that extends our patience in the kitchen and sometimes we just hit a creative block where we could use the public’s help to name some of these flavours. White chocolate raspberry wasn’t going to fit on our label so we wanted something kind of cool.”

Green says they find flavours by taking them from existing dessert flavour profiles that people are familiar with and then some are

discovered through “raw experimentation.”

“When we created a butter tart biscotti, that was a tricky one because you have to somehow give people the experience of a butter tart but you can’t have the filling because it’s a biscotti,” he said. “We were able to use the raisins in that and a base-butter tart recipe that we have in the family which made for a really, really good biscotti.”

Green’s favourite biscotti is mayan chocolate made with dark chocolate and cinnamon. He calls that a flavour profile that is not common. They also reached out to the Amethyst mine to find a name for their Panorama Peak biscotti, which has become one of the more popular flavours among his customers.

“We just decided to use Panorama Peak for our biscotti flavour of Saskatoon berry with a Saskatoon berry and lemon glaze,” said Green.

“It’s a purple biscotti with a nice, pinkish red colour on the top. Our chocolate supernova is definitely our top seller in the chocolate category because it has three types of chocolates in it; milk, white and dark chocolate. Chocolate lovers come in for that one like crazy.”

Green says while he was an out-of-work comedian during the pandemic, he had to shift and change things.

“My mother always had a really good biscotti recipe and I asked her if I could commercialize it. She gave me the green light and here we are a couple years later,” he said.

Sleeping Giant Biscotti Company cafe is located inside the Hub Bazaar on Victoria Avenue and is open Tuesday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The company is also located around the region, including Kapuskasing, Hearst, Manitouwadge, Kenora and at the Silver Island General store.

Sandi Krasowski, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Chronicle-Journal

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