Australia hit with real-life Sharknado

A dead bull shark found by Queensland Fire and Rescue following flooding by Cyclone Debbie

A cyclone that hit Queensland, Australia this week left a path of destruction that resulted in severe property damage, stranded residents and a scene straight out of a campy horror film.

While emergency crews had to rescue dozens of people from the floodwaters, the tropical storm luckily did not claim any human casualties. But Cyclone Debbie, which was classified as a Category 4 storm, did leave behind one astonishing victim – a giant beached shark.

The five-foot long creature was found coated in mud next to a puddle in the town of Ayr, close to where the cyclone made landfall. The state’s fire and emergency services tweeted a photo of the fallen bull shark, cautioning residents to avoid the floodwaters of the region.

The tweet made no reference to Sharknado, the made-for-TV disaster movie franchise that features man-eating sharks descending upon a city by way of a tornado.

The storm has since been downgraded, but managed to drench the city of Brisbane with a month’s worth of rain in one day.