Authentic Seacoast goes glamping: yurts draw new visitors to Guysborough

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GUYSBOROUGH -- If you’re dreaming of a romantic seaside getaway, with private accommodations, ocean views, walks in a vineyard and numerous recreation options on tap, you must come to Guysborough and go glamping in the vineyard – the most recent venture to launch under the Authentic Seacoast umbrella.

One of the recent trends in experiential tourism is glamping – camping with a glamourous twist. What makes it glamourous? In Guysborough, it’s solar powered, winterized yurts with skylights, onsite hot tubs, barbecues, Muskoka chairs and solitude.

Glynn Williams, proprietor of Authentic Seacoast Ltd., took The Journal on a guided tour of the glamping properties, located between Mussel Cove and Cutler’s Cove in Guysborough Harbour recently to discuss the glamping experience and the company’s ongoing and upcoming projects and product lines.

Entering the property there is a stand of sunflowers to greet you. They provide forage for the honeybees, yet another venture within the Authentic Seacoast family of interests, and a beautiful backdrop for four of the 10 yurts on site.

Heading through the vineyard, towards the water, a cluster of five additional yurts awaits with captivating views of the village of Guysborough and the harbour.

Nearby is the wash house, with bathrooms, showers and prep kitchen designed with craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Following the trail to the most secluded of the 10 yurts, there are glimpses of beehives and rugged coastlines calling out to hikers, artists and adventurers of all types.

The yurts, round tents adapted from the original Mongolian design, have woolen interior walls to facilitate year-round use, and solar powered lights as well as zippered windows that open to ocean and vineyard views or close to seal in cozy evenings by the woodstove. The configuration of each yurt is unique, ranging from a queen bed for two adults to bunk beds and a double bed for families of four.

Williams’ vision for Authentic Seacoast has remained constant for more than a decade: to present unique experiences to visitors and showcase all that Guysborough has to offer.

“We continue to invest in Guysborough. We think the glamping in the vineyard experience is totally unique and it will draw folks who have never been to Guysborough before. Over the course of this summer, we realized that 80 per cent or so of the folks who visited us had never been to Guysborough,” he said.

Next summer, Williams said, he anticipates more visitors will be attracted to the unique experiences on offer, “Where can you glamp in a vineyard and right next to a distillery-brewery and have a great experience at the tasting bar. It’s a unique experience. Tourism Nova Scotia is keen to tell the world about it.”

And for the local community, there’s another welcome mat that’s always rolled out: “We encourage members of the community to come and spend some time at the distillery. We’re open virtually every day of the week, and we have a bar here that members of the community can sample our wares,” he said.

Another feather in the cap of Authentic Seacoast is the recent exportation of their whiskey to China. “I think that was a first for Nova Scotia,” Williams said.

“This place is pretty unique and we’re able to soar with the eagles in terms of our products, whether they be beverage alcohol or coffee or honey – which is coming – and our maple syrup as well. We have a lot on the go,” he said, noting that they’ve just introduced several new products to the NSLC, including Fortress dark rum and vodka soda as well as new recipes for craft beers.

“We continue to market and tell the world about Guysborough. It’s a beautiful place. We’re optimistic that by working with municipal council and other groups, such as the waterfront and marina, that we can continue to get the Guysborough brand out in a positive and authentic manner,” said Williams.

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Lois Ann Dort, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Guysborough Journal

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