Author Alexandra Amoroso Launches an Informative Book That Shares Her Experience as a Family Member of an Autistic Child

Author Alexandra Amoroso has announced the release of her latest book, Growing Up with an Autistic Brother: A Challenge and a Reward. She was inspired to write by her own experiences and watching her parents struggle to navigate a complicated child services network to secure proper care. Amoroso hopes that her work will resonate with family members of autistic children who are searching for the right ways to serve as advocates for their loved ones.

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In this insightful book that is part memoir and part guide, Amoroso recounts her childhood and the ongoing fight to ensure that her autistic brother received the support he deserved. Although Amoroso’s parents were often told that help was available, it took risky decisions and perseverance to break through the bureaucracy surrounding essential services.

Although readers of any background can benefit from the themes of compassion and kindness in Amoroso’s work, her dream is that Growing Up with an Autistic Brother will help people with autistic loved ones unpack their own feelings in a healthy, constructive way. Amoroso treats her experiences with sensitivity and respect by approaching common issues like caretaker burnout as one facet of her overall childhood.

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Reviewers praise Amoroso’s work as an informative read that highlights many of the challenges facing families who need additional support for their disabled or neurodivergent loved ones. For a firsthand glimpse into both Amoroso’s life and the complicated care system in the United States, Growing Up with an Autistic Brother is unmatched.

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Alexandra Amoroso is an author and business major with a passion for helping others. When she isn’t working on her next book, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She lives and writes in Connecticut.