Author dedicates book to Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, who inspired her story

Author Anne-Marie Meyer has written 63 books, so it should be no surprise that she rarely is stumped for subject matter in her romance novels.

Thanks to social media, Meyer has tapped into what fans are looking for, and that’s how she came up for the idea for her book, “Lucky Charm.”

It was inspired by Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce’s romance with international singing star Taylor Swift. Meyer dedicated the book to the world-famous couple.

“I’m a member of the book talk community on TikTok,” Meyer said in a phone interview. “When Taylor and Travis revealed their relationship so many readers everywhere (said), ‘I need a football and singer romance. I need this. Does anyone have any books that are like this?’ And so nobody really had one that was focused on a singer and a football player. And so I decided to write the book.

“It’s inspired by the relationship, so obviously it’s not them. But it’s a football player and an aspiring singer that had a relationship. And I do put little like nuggets inside of the book that are similar to Travis and Taylor.”

Meyer has had multiple books on the USA Today best-seller list, but don’t expect steamy details about the characters in her stories. The genre of her books is categorized as “sweet and clean romance.”

That also means little swearing or gratuitous violence.

“People have commented that they think Taylor would really like this book, in terms of how I handled it, you know, instead of going in an area they wouldn’t think she would like,” Meyer said. “So that made me feel good that they said she would really like this. And so I’m like, that’s awesome. That’s my hope I wanted it to be inspired by them but also it’s a feel-good, uplifting, heartwarming story.”

While “Lucky Charm” is not a story about an NFL tight end wooing and winning the heart of a superstar singer, you can see the DNA of the Kelce-Swift romance in the book.

The novel is set in Nashville, where Swift moved as a teenager and started her musical career. The character in the book is an unknown, so that’s one big difference between “Lucky Charm” and the Kelce-Swift romance.

“She’s not quite been discovered yet and he plays for a fictional team in Tennessee called the Tennessee Tigers,” Meyer said. “Obviously, for copyright reasons, I can’t use the actual Tennessee team. And so she’s there to try and get discovered, he’s there because he plays. She sublets an apartment across the hall from him. They knew each other in high school, and now they’re forced back together as adults.

“They end up faking a relationship in the book to help her get discovered. And so I take some of the rumors and stuff between Taylor and Travis and kind of poke fun at it in the book. There’s a point where they’re like, yeah, for the NFL, a football player and an aspiring singer would make for great content. That kind of stuff. I do a little bit of joking in the book, like nowadays where people (say), ‘Oh, this is a rumor that it’s really a fake relationship to help sell football tickets.’ And so I’ve kind of mentioned those types of things in the book. Just kind of poke fun at people’s conspiracy theories.”

Author Anne-Marie Meyer with her book, “Lucky Charm,” which was inspired by Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.
Author Anne-Marie Meyer with her book, “Lucky Charm,” which was inspired by Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

Meyer, 37, said one of her other books is being turned into a movie that will be released later this year. She has been listening to Swift’s music for nearly two decades.

Kelce, on the other hand, was someone unfamiliar to Meyer. But she was happy that fans were clamoring for a romance novel based on the Chiefs star’s relationship with Swift.

“I built their story based on that,” Meyer said. “So there’s a lot of other tropes that are inside the story that are obviously not Taylor and Travis, but having that as the foundation of their story. And there’s a lot of football scenes and there’s a lot of singing scenes that go into the story.”

You can order the book on Meyer’s website or through online sites that sell books.