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4D Sports Driving

Am I dating myself for choosing 4D Sports Driving as the game I nominate to this list? Probably. Introduced way back in 1990, this is the game that prompted me to learned DOS commands and to create boot disks to free up memory — gotta get to 640K! Once launched, my friends and family spent countless hours playing with virtual cars, building tracks, setting records, comparing notes and chatting through hilariously slow internet connections, all due to a shared love of this video game.

We always referred to the game as Stunts, since that's what pops up on the title screen. With a few different kinds of loops and jumps, the name seemed to fit. I'm not really sure what fourth dimension the game's designers were gunning for in its official name, but it hardly matters. 4D Sports Driving is the game that most directly shaped my childhood, and it's one reason why I had such an interest in cars growing up. — Consumer Editor Jeremy Korzeniewski

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