Autopsy ordered after 7-year-old girl found dead in Laval home

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An autopsy will be performed on the body of a seven-year-old girl found dead at her home on Sunday afternoon in Laval's Chomedey district.

Six people, including both parents, have been questioned by Laval police, but nobody has been charged in the case.

Police say some of the family members speak only Dari, a variety of Persian used in Afghanistan. In those cases, an interpreter assisted police.

Laval police spokesperson Const. Stéphanie Beshara said all six people were in the house when authorities arrived, but the the couple's two younger children, a boy and girl, were not there.

Police say those children were not injured, but Quebec's youth protection service, known as the DPJ, has been contacted.

Police were called to the scene at around 2:30 p.m.

According to Radio-Canada, the child was found with bruises and burns on her body.

Laval police, however, wouldn't confirm that information and said the investigation is ongoing as officers work to understand what happened.

Beshara said first responders performed CPR on the child, but she was later pronounced dead at Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur in Montreal.

The autopsy will be performed Monday, she said, and investigators were on the scene throughout the day.

The four ambulance workers who responded to the call will be offered peer support from colleagues trained to help those suffering from shock.

Police officers will also be supported by their own employee assistance program.