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Ava Louise became internet-famous in 2020 for all the wrong reasons.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the college student licked a toilet seat as part of an ill-conceived viral challenge. Around the same time, an old song she recorded went viral on TikTok, further catapulting Louise to influencer status.

But who is Ava Louise, and what can we expect from her moving forward? Here’s what you need to know about the budding social media star.

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Ava Louise appeared on Dr. Phil in 2019.

Louise’s first brush with fame was as a guest on Dr. Phil. In February 2019, she famously told Dr. Phil that she’d rather “die hot than live ugly.”

During her appearance on the show, she discussed her Instagram addiction, admitting that her main goal in life is “to become Insta-famous.” During the episode, she also said that she prefers to be friends with people who can hook her up with cool perks and backstage access at VIP events.

“Your philosophy of friends is how you can use them to get where you wanna be?” Dr. Phil asked Louise.

“Yes,” she replied nonchalantly.

In a follow-up interview in September 2019, Louise claimed that she put on an act during her appearance on the show, but her subsequent actions told a much different story.

Louise went viral in March 2020 for licking a toilet seat.

ava louise coronavirus challenge toilet seat
Credit: TikTok/Ava Louise

On March 14, Louise started a new “Coronavirus Challenge” on TikTok after she uploaded a video of herself licking a toilet seat on an airplane. The whole thing was essentially just a social media stunt that she engineered to get people to listen to her song “Skinny Legend Anthem” and, of course, get more followers.

“I did the whole toilet-licking stunt, one, because f*** boomers and I don’t take this virus seriously,” Louise told Insider. “Two, as strategic marketing, so people would be like ‘Who the h*** is Ava Louise?’ and connect me to that song.”

“I don’t like my grandparents and I don’t have a relationship with them so I don’t give a s*** what happens to them,” she also said. “Very impressionable older people who don’t understand meme culture or trolling latched onto this.”

After Louise’s video blew up, another influencer named Larz posted his own version of the “challenge” and later claimed he contracted COVID-19 from the stunt. None of it was real, though: Not only is Larz one of Louise’s closest friends, but she also told Insider that he only pretended to have COVID-19 to help the story blow up.

Louise’s prank earned the influencer another appearance on Dr. Phil, where she defended her actions and brushed coronavirus off as a hoax.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re part of the Illuminati,” she said to Dr. Phil.

“We were all blacked out on the beach, our immune systems were down from all the partying,” she added. “And everyone was fine. I’m looking at this and I think this is an overreaction.”

Louise’s song “Skinny Legend Anthem” blew up on TikTok.


Sadly, Louise’s “Coronavirus Challenge” stunt worked. Her song was used in videos by top creators including Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae, Lil Huddy and Loren Gray, which helped it become one of the most popular trending songs on TikTok for a while.

“Skinny Legend Anthem” is a bad song — and even Louise can admit it. However, the lyrics are just the right amount of raunchy for a TikTok trend. Quite frankly, a song doesn’t have to be good to go viral on TikTok — it just has to have the right star power behind it.

Louise had a messy relationship with Impaulsive podcast cohost Mike Majlak.

Around the same time she was licking toilet seats, Louise was also at the center of a cheating scandal involving Logan Paul’s good friend Mike Majlak and porn star Lana Rhoades.

While he was in New York for Fashion Week, Majlak apparently met up with Louise and hooked up with her while he was dating Rhoades. The story is very much he said she said: While Louise said the hook-up was very much mutual, Majlak claimed that Louise waited outside clubs just to get his attention and needs “serious help.”

Louise recently circulated a now-viral rumor that Kanye West is dating Jeffree Star with no evidence to back the claim up.

Most recently, Louise took to TikTok to claim that she has insider information about a romantic relationship between Kanye West and beauty mogul Jeffree Star.

In her video, Louise said that she’s been holding on to the information “for months” and claimed that West is hooking up with “a very famous beauty guru — male beauty guru.”

“My source is legit I [promise],” she added in her caption.



The rumor quickly took on a life of its own, with both Jeffree Star and Kanye West trending on Twitter. YouTuber Keemstar even reached out to Star to see if the rumors were true, but he neither confirmed nor denied anything and instead just said, “I’m having the best time in Wyoming, come visit sometime!”

Credit: Twitter/Jeffree Star
Credit: Twitter/Jeffree Star

At the moment, nobody — including Louise — has provided any concrete evidence of a relationship between West and Star. The closest thing to evidence anybody has found was a 2011 tweet from Star that replied to Kanye and thanked him for “last night,” but the beauty guru has since deleted it. West and Star also both own homes in Wyoming, but that’s hardly evidence of a relationship.

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