Avalanche warning in place for K-Country

An avalanche warning is in effect Saturday for Kananaskis Country, mainly in ice climbing terrain.

The warning was issued Friday by the Canadian Avalanche Centre and applies through Saturday as officials say they are concerned about pockets of wind slabs in high-elevation alpine terrain.

The Level 2 - Moderate warning does not apply to elevations at or below the treeline, but in alpine regions the chance for an avalanche is ranked as possible or likely.

Wind slab avalanches can occur when blowing snow builds up over a weak layer which then breaks free.

The deposited snow can sometimes form a pillowed shape or the snow surface may appear to have a dull texture.

There may also be a hollow drum-like feel or sound to the snow.

People heading to the mountains are asked to be careful while approaching and climbing ice routes, and to carry avalanche safety equipment if climbing in avalanche terrain.

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