Avril Lavigne’s Death Hoax Is Back, and It’s Still Not True

News alert: Avril Lavigne is very much still alive. Two years ago, the rumor “Avril is dead” began to circulate. Conspiracy theorists speculated that Avril had taken her own life in 2003 after her grandfather passed away.

These people even created their own excuse, saying that because of Avril’s fame during that time, her record company hired her best friend, Melissa, to impersonate her. Over this past weekend, someone on Twitter reignited the rumors, and “Avril Lavigne is dead” started to trend.

Those who agree with the theory believe that Avril’s appearance has drastically changed, from her skin color to her eye shape and even her birthmarks.

Some people even think that Avril’s handwriting is different, which according to them means she’s dead and Melissa is impersonating her.

The same Twitter user who brought up the death hoax rumors over the weekend made a video comparing two of Avril’s music videos, one from 2002 and the other from 2014. Supposedly, it shows two completely different Avrils, but honestly, they look like the same girl.

So, for anyone who seriously believes this stuff, here’s some cold, hard evidence to wake you up. Just yesterday, Avril shared a photo for Mother’s Day of herself and her mom.

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