AWD Chevy Corvette E-Ray enjoys a bit more recess in the snow

In April, GM President Mark Reuss teased next year's arrival of an all-wheel drive Chevrolet Corvette with a short video of said Corvette spinning all its wheels in the snow. Someone got hold of more of that footage, Corvette Forum user Corvette_Nut posting it in a thread. About 30 seconds long, some of the footage is longer shots of scenes we got from April shot, but there's new stuff, too. It's the kind of winter testing video we're used to seeing from European automakers in late winter, when early in the new year when engineers at Rivian and Koenigsegg take their toys to the Arctic Circle. We've never seen the like from Corvette. We look forward to more.

Naturally, there are plenty of other threads full of debate on what to make of the E-Ray. Some worry the additional horsepower won't justify the weight penalty of the electric gear up front. Some are looking forward to the additional traction available coming off the apex thanks to driven front wheels. Some wonder what the engine cover will look like; prototypes wear blacked-out rear windows. Some wonder if the extended front splitter will be standard or an option. And quite a few aren't sold on the monochrome look that keeps popping up everywhere such as on the leaked E-Ray configurator. In short, it's all discussion you'd expect when longtime fans confront major changes to their star player. GM engineers having come this far this successfully with the new C8, though, we'll give the benefit of the doubt.

Our favorite response to forum members questioning what's ahead comes from user Panfish, who wrote, "I’m waiting for the C9 to make all C8 variants obsolete. It should be able to fly vertically at 500 feet per minute, horizontally at 200 knots, have a 1000 mile range, print 20 dollar bills from a dash app, and ..." well, you'll have to head to Panfish's comment to read the last imagined feature. "Base price $74,995, of course." Those probably aren't the specs of the car in the video above, but it's worth having a look anyway.

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