The awkward moment when a phone scammer realised he'd dialled the police

The scammer might want to double check who he is calling next time. File image: Getty

A seemingly incompetent phone scammer has been left lost for words after he picked out the worst target imaginable.

‘Greg’, who claimed to be from New Zealand telecommunications provider Spark was oblivious to the fact the person he was trying pull the wool over just happened to be a New Zealand police officer.

“Hello, this is Greg and I’m calling you from Spark, sir… I’m calling regarding your internet connection, okay?” he said.

“You did an online survey… according to our survey you need to know that your internet is not running on a secure line, okay?”

His intended victim, Dan from the New Zealand Police Communication Centre, allowed the charade to go on for a moment before breaking the news to him.

“Well you’ve called the New Zealand Police so I’d be very surprised if our internet wasn’t secure,” he said.

“It’s the police?” the suddenly less confident scammer replied.

“Oh… okay, I’m sorry to bother you.”

While it may have seemed obvious, New Zealand Police reiterated the scammer had no affiliation to Spark.

“It’s really important that people are wary and know what to look out for, as this is the best way to protect themselves,” NZ Police said alongside the video.


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