Food bank in desperate plea after running out of supplies amid ‘extraordinary demand’

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Aylesbury Foodbank has made a desperate plea for donations. (Facebook/Aylesbury Foodbank)
Aylesbury Foodbank has made a desperate plea for donations. (Facebook/Aylesbury Foodbank)

A foodbank has made a desperate plea for donations after running out of several items amid "extraordinary demand" as the cost of living crisis continues to affect households.

Aylesbury Foodbank, in central England, has said it is “extremely short of everything except pasta” and is using money received from grants to make up for the shortfall in products.

It has issued an urgent call on its Facebook page asking people for donations, especially sauces, coffee, custard, rice pudding, shower gel, and shampoo.

Aylesbury Foodbank wrote: “Urgent Call out to our supporters. Sadly we are out of several items and to be honest extremely short of everything except pasta.

“We are consistently using 2 tonnes more food that we receive donated each month and in addition we are currently spending around £1000 a month from grants to make up the difference.”

It added: “Thank you so much for your ongoing support . We are facing extra-ordinary demand over recent months."

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Foodbanks are under stress due to rising demand caused by increasing food and fuel prices, which has sent inflation soaring to a 30-year high.

New figures released last week showed food banks in the Trussell Trust’s network provided more than 2.1 million parcels to people facing financial hardship across the country, from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022.

It is the first time food banks in the trust’s network have provided more than two million parcels outside 2020/21 during the height of the pandemic.

The 2022 figure represents a 14% increase compared to the same period in 2019/20 – with more than 830,000 parcels provided to children alone, a 15% increase from 2019/20, when 720,000 were provided.

Aylesbury Foodbank desperately needs more supplies. (Aylesbury Foodbank/Facebook)
Aylesbury Foodbank desperately needs more supplies. (Aylesbury Foodbank/Facebook)

The Trussell Trust and warned of a national emergency, adding food banks in its network also experienced their busiest winter outside 2020 at the height of the pandemic, providing 1.2 million parcels in the second half of the year alone.

That is more parcels than were provided for 2016/17, just five years ago.

While inflation continues to increase and rising bills pressure families across the country, the Trussell Trust says its network expects the need for emergency food to rise further over the coming months.

It warned parents were taking drastic measures such as skipping meals, turning off appliances and going without heating to afford the internet so their children can do their homework.

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This week Boris Johnson acknowledged more could be done to help address the cost-of-living crisis despite insisting the government was doing “everything we can”.

The government has set out a £9 billion package of loans to cut energy bills and council tax rebates, but Johnson faces calls to go further.

He said: “I accept that those contributions from the taxpayer – because that’s what it is, taxpayers’ money – isn’t going to be enough immediately to cover everybody’s costs.”

The prime minister warned increasing state support beyond its current levels could drive inflation even higher.