Aylmer awards road maintenance contract

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Aylmer council awarded this year’s hard surface maintenance work to Duncor Enterprises and asphalt crack sealing work to Niagara Crack Sealing, as part of a joint procurement opportunity with Elgin County.

The draft 2021 capital budget for the surface treatment (microsurfacing) has been set at $120,000. The hard surfacing maintenance program (included in the Operational Budget) includes $10,000 for crack sealing.

Operations Director Rob Johnson delivered a brief explanation to councillors at a virtual meeting on Monday, April 19, who approved the item without discussion.

“Our quantities here at the town aren’t huge, so we sort of leveraged the economies of scale and we jump on the Elgin County tenders,” he said. “These are ones that are done routinely by the county year in and year out.”

Staff are still reviewing the road network to select the best candidate for microsurfacing.

A microsurfacing treatment prolongs the service life of a road for about five to seven years, prevents the migration of water into the road base, as well as provides increased vehicle traction and skid resistance. Crack sealing is a maintenance practice that also prevents water from migrating into the road base.

“Duncor Enterprises Inc. has satisfactorily completed past projects for the Town in the past including Forest St., Spruce St., Pine St East and South St. East and staff have been satisfied with the workmanship,” wrote Mr. Johnson.

Veronica Reiner, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Aylmer Express