Aylmer council approves 10% increase to their compensation

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Aylmer council, without discussion, voted to increase their annual remuneration in a virtual meeting on Monday, March 15. The changes will cost $8,500 this year, and reflects a 10% increase for all roles.

The increases, recommended to council in a report by Chief Administrative Officer Andy Grozelle, are decribed as a “somewhat larger one-time readjustment,” meant to “establish parity” between Aylmer and other Elgin municipalities and remain in effect until 2024 without further review.

Aylmer Mayor Mary French will now receive $22,000, an additional $2,000 from her current compensation; Deputy Mayor Sheri Andrews will get $16,095, an extra $1,500 per year; and councillors will make $12,352, an increase of $1,000.

Mr. Grozelle said the suggested increases were meant “to find some parity and fairness in compensation.”

A list of council remuneration of Elgin municipalities was included in the report, with some figures from 2019 and 2020. Aylmer had offered lower remuneration than equivalent members on Bayham, Central Elgin and Malahide councils, but more than West Elgin (2019 rates) and Dutton Dunwich (2019 rates).

“It is anticipated that even with these increases Aylmer Council will continue to receive relatively less overall compensation because of the lack of pre-diems, mileage, and honoraria,” wrote Mr. Grozelle in his report.

He wrote: “2020 and 2021 are not ideal years to undertake a ‘total compensation’ review as COVID-19 has impacted meetings, per diems and travel claims.” At a later date, following this one-time adjustment, a total compensation review would be conducted for future recommendations.

Recently, for Malahide council, a citizens’ committee was formed in July 2020, during the pandemic, to review their pay and benefits.

After meeting virtually for several months, the committee decided to increase council pay, as well as include a minor increase to benefits and mileage, for a total increase of $7,925 in 2021. Malahide approved the decision in November 2020.

Veronica Reiner, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Aylmer Express