Aylmer looking to refurbish or replace water tower

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Aylmer staff have been directed to prepare a report that examines the costs and benefits of the refurbishment and/or replacement of the town water tower.

Straffordville-based company Landmark Services inspected the water tower in 2019 and found the facility needed refurbishment. The town applied for provincial funding support for the project in 2020 but was unsuccessful.

In a virtual Aylmer council meeting on Monday, Dec. 21, Operations Director Robert Johnson said it would be beneficial to look at other options.

“If we were to refurbish that water tower, given how much it’s going to cost, we would want to get the most out of that work we could,” he said. “So we probably wouldn’t be revisiting this for at least another 12 to 15 years.”

“Perhaps before staff submits the water capital for the refurbishment of the tower,” Mr. Johnson suggested, “we would bring forth a report with the larger discussion around water storage.”

The report will examine the tower’s existing storage capacity compared to development growth demands, the financial impact of the two options, the potential for enhanced service, and the location for the facility.

Councillor Tom Charlton asked about the limits of the water tower, and if it could service the 300 homes in the Cottonwood Hills subdivision, or 50 acres of industrial land. Mr. Johnson said the capacity can be examined in the upcoming report.

“If we want to move forward and be able to draw new business and new growth, we need to look at it now, instead of waiting until 12 years from now,” commented Cr. Jamie Chapman.

Cr. Arthur Oslach said he thinks the water tower should be moved out of Balmoral Park and suggested the new industrial subdivision as a potential location.

“The location of the existing water tower has been discussed for some time,” said Mr. Johnson. “In fact, I believe there have been lands that have been set aside over time to move the tower. So that would certainly be part of the report.”

Veronica Reiner, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Aylmer Express