'You Are a B****': Black Police Officer Harassed in Los Angeles During Breonna Taylor Protest

A black police officer standing guard outside the Los Angeles Police Department’s downtown headquarters was harassed by masked agitators on September 23, amid protests in response to police charges in relation to Breonna Taylor’s killing.

Footage uploaded to Twitter by Tomas Morales shows masked individuals repeatedly calling the officer a b**** and the N-word, while flipping him the middle finger.

Morales told Storyful that “a group of masked men swarmed a black officer and I went over and started to record.”

Morales said, “The group of masked men were yelling obscenities and slurs at the officer and they tried to get a reaction from him.”

Hundreds of people marched through downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday night, joining protesters in Louisville, New York, Washington, Portland, Seattle, and elsewhere.

Former Louisville police officer Brett Hankison was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment, it was announced on Wednesday. Two other officers who discharged their weapons during the botched raid on Taylor’s apartment that resulted in her death were not charged. Credit: Tomas Morales via Storyful