B.C. golfer makes his debut at the Masters

Gerry Hadwin went to work at the Ledgeview Golf and Country Club in Abbotsford Thursday morning wishing that he was on another golf course with the rest of his family.

And he still might be, depending on the performance of his son Adam, who is playing at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia for the first time in his career.

In the meantime he's resigned to life as a long distance spectator.

"My wife left and left me with the dog," laughed the elder Hadwin.

Gerry just took over as director of golf at Ledgeview. Last weekend, they opened a new restaurant.

"I'm busy and that's the reason I'm not there," he said.

"I do have my plane ticket kind of set up for either Friday or Saturday night, depending on how he plays."

He says the restaurant at Ledgeview is offering 59-cent wings this weekend in honour of Adam's historic round.

Dream come true

The only person who might be busier than Gerry Hadwin is Adam Hadwin, who has had an incredible start to 2017.

He became the eighth player in PGA Tour History to shoot 59 at a tournament in January.

In March, he won his first career PGA tournament.

With the victory, Hadwin achieved a lifelong dream by earning a spot in the Masters.

The only problem was Hadwin also got married last month, so he had to juggle his honeymoon plans to fit a trip to Augusta into his schedule.

"She's probably not as excited as I am," Hadwin said after his tournament win.

"I think she would've rather been in Bora Bora right now."

Long time coming

Regardless of how Hadwin plays, he has an army of supporters throughout the country.

B.C. Golf executive director Kris Jonasson says Hadwin's path to success is an inspiration to young Canadian golfers.

"When he was in the junior program, he was never the best player in the province," said B.C. Golf executive director Kris Jonasson.

"As he's continued to make progress on his golf game, he has just gotten better and better and better."

Hadwin has his work cut out for him on Friday.

He's sitting at three over par after his first round.