B.C. man films strange encounter with alleged dog abuser

In these images taken from a YouTube video, the face of a woman has been pixelated to protect her identity. Screenshots from YouTube.

Police in Burnaby, B.C., say they are investigating allegations of animal abuse after a man recorded an argument between himself and a woman after claiming that she kicked his dog.

Dean Borosevich and his small female dog named Buttons were out for a walk Sunday on Rosser Street near the Lougheed Highway when the bizarre confrontation occurred. The man says a woman approached him and kicked his dog so hard in the ribs that the dog yelped in pain.

“She actually stepped over and gave Buttons a good kick in the ribs – just completely out of nowhere,” Borosevich told Global News, explaining how he grabbed her arm to stop her from kicking the dog again and when he asked her why she would hurt his pet, she responded by saying she hates dogs.

Borosevich then decided to take out his phone and film the confrontation from that point on. The result was a video that has received more than 400,000 views on YouTube since being published Sunday.

Warning: The video below may contain violence and offensive language. 

The video does not show the woman kicking the animal, but it does show the woman pulling on the dog’s leash while making a fist with her hands.

“Now you’re hitting me after you’ve kicked my dog,” the man says in the video.

The woman asks him repeatedly if he is going to hit her back, and he refuses to do so. She then begins pulling the leash again saying she is going to take his dog. She allegedly kicked Buttons again during the struggle, but that was not captured in the footage.

As Borosevich appears to try to get away, the woman follows him across the intersection where two bystanders are watching. One of them, a woman also walking her dog, says in the video that the same alleged attacker punched her as she was passing by.

“Honestly, you came up to me and you punched me and I didn’t even talk to you,” the female dog walker says. Meanwhile, the woman tells another male witness that Borosevich assaulted her and then took pictures of her.

“Seriously, get lost. Get out of here,” the woman tells the alleged abuser.

After the encounter, the man said his dog didn’t sustain any injuries, but he is still considering whether to file a complaint with the BC SPCA, CTV News reports.

“I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t part of me that didn’t want to strike back, but I’m glad I didn’t,” he revealed to CTV News on Monday, a day after the incident.

Global News says they were contacted by other dog owners who say their pets were allegedly victimized by the same woman. One of those people, a man named Ryan DeBoer, snapped a photo of what appears to be the same woman after she allegedly struck his dog.

In the video’s description, an update posted by Borosevich quotes a YouTube user who claims the assault on pets is part of an insurance scam.

“Injury scam for sure. Let me explain the scheme because its very common in Asian community, I’m Asian so dont call me racist for this. As soon as you lay hand on her, she will claim all kind of injuries. The best one is psychological trauma which requires many therapies sessions. They have a network of lawyers, doctors and therapist to pump up all the costs. I even heard travel insurance also covers assault injuries. This lady isnt acting alone i can tell you that. The reason she wanted you to leave first is so you dont follow her to find her associates ( who will also act as witness against you) Be careful out there.”

Borosevich said he wants other dog owners in the area to be aware and keep them and their pets out of trouble.