B.C. political leaders cross paths at Vaisakhi celebration in Vancouver

Well that was awkward.

For the first time since the provincial election campaign began four days ago, Liberal leader Christy Clark and NDP leader John Horgan crossed paths.

As Clark and her team were making their way toward the Ross Street Temple in Vancouver to speak at a Vaisakhi celebration Saturday, NDP leader John Horgan was getting off his campaign bus just a few metres away.

They avoided each other.

A few minutes later, the two leaders found themselves inside the temple at the same time.

Again, they didn't acknowledge each other.

Clark avoided talking about politics for the most part, choosing instead to heap praise on the temple's charity work.

"All of us, whatever party we come from, whatever community we come from, where we come from in the world, we have come to British Columbia, we have chosen this beautiful place because we want something better for our kids," Clark said inside the temple.

"We want them to live in a compassionate and kind society."

When she wrapped up her short speech, Horgan took the same podium and struck a similar tone.

"Although we are in a smaller space this year, the love and the sharing and the compassion are as strong in this room as they are in the Gurdwara across the way," Horgan said, acknowledging last year's fire at the larger temple across the street, which forced this year's Vaisakhi celebration to a cramped, temporary temple.

"On a day like today, we are all just human beings and we are all here with hope in our hearts and compassion in our hearts for our fellow man and woman."

Key battleground

The Ross Street Temple is located in the riding of Vancouver-Fraserview, which is currently held by Liberal Suzanne Anton.

Anton defeated NDP candidate Gabriel Yiu by less than 500 votes in 2013.

This time around, the New Democrats are running former Vision Vancouver councillor George Chow.