B.C. SPCA asks for help after seizing dozens of distressed animals from Interior property

The B.C. SPCA is asking for help after rescuing 53 horribly distressed animals from a property in the Interior earlier this month.

The society is seeking donations to help support 36 mini-horses, six cattle, five llamas, four goats and two emus found by its officers following animal-neglect complaints.

Twenty of the mini-horses taken into care are pregnant and all were badly matted, caked in mud, malnourished, suffering limb and hoof issues, eye problems, dental issues and hair loss due to lice.

"We have managed to find temporary foster homes for the animals, but the cost of their rescue and ongoing recovery is adding up quickly," said B.C. SPCA manager Leiki Salumets.

"The world is going through unprecedented times, but unfortunately animal cruelty has not stopped. If people are able to help, we urgently need ongoing financial support for these and other neglected and abused animals in our care."

The horses, which range in age from one to 20 years old, have been dewormed, vaccinated, deloused and groomed and have had dental exams and farrier work done.