B.C. teen charged with child porn offences involving 11-year-old boy

An Abbotsford teen is facing multiple child porn and cyberbullying related charges after allegedly targeting an 11-year-old boy living in the U.S.

Police say the teenager, whose name hasn't been released, is accused of demanding sexual images from the boy in exchange for "rewards."

The offender allegedly threatened the boy with "repercussions" if he didn't do as he was asked, police said in a statement.

The teen was arrested earlier this month after officers seized computers and a cell phone in a search of his home. He's since been charged with luring a child, sexual interference, extortion and making child pornography.

"We've grown more accustomed to hearing of charges against adults who are preying on children, but when you have youth preying on a child, it is certainly something that is alarming, eye-opening and concerning as well," said Const. Ian MacDonald.

U.S. investigation

In October, investigators in Texas contacted Abbotsford police about the alleged victim. They believed the offender in the case was living in the B.C. city.

"In this case, the 11-year- old boy courageously reported the interactions with the suspect to his parents, despite the threats he received. If it weren't for those actions, the offences would have continued and potentially could have involved many other victims," MacDonald said.

The officer added that the "extremely troubling" investigation should serve as a reminder to parents to carefully monitor their children's online activity.