Baaaad to the Bone: Naughty Pet Sheep Stares Longingly Into New Zealand Home

A pet sheep stared longingly into his owner’s Port Levy home in New Zealand, hoping to be let back inside after being exiled for naughty behavior.

Owner Naomi Abraham told Storyful she hand-fed and raised the sheep, named Burt, from a baby. “He would come through the cat door when he was little,” she said. “But as he got bigger he couldn’t fit through like the Jack Russell doggo does in the picture.”

Although accustomed to the house, Burt had problematic home etiquette. “Burt would sometimes poop inside, so we’d have to kick him out for potty time,” Abraham said. “Then he would desperately stare back in through the window at us when he wanted to come back in. He would pick on the Jack Russell, run around the house, and eat my … plants.”

This video taken by Abraham, who said she filmed it on November 1, shows Burt staring at the Jack Russell from outside the window. Credit: Naomi Abraham via Storyful

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