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We’re all pretty restless after spending the better part of 2020 indoors, so it’s highly likely that the travel industry will see a boom due to a year’s worth of pent-up FOMO. Don’t pack your luggage up just yet, though. The world is still largely on lockdown, and it may take several months for vaccines to make their way through the general populace.

Until then, you might want to do some extra planning for your long-awaited vacation. If you aim to travel abroad, learning a new language in the meantime will leave you better prepared once it’s safe to travel again. Not to mention, you'll enjoy your destination a lot more if you can navigate confidently and converse with the locals. If that sounds exciting, Babbel is here to help and you can get a lifetime subscription for just $179.

Babbel is the highest-grossing language learning app in the world, and it’s easy to see why. You’ll be introduced to a new language using practical topics such as asking for directions, ordering food and shopping. Babbel’s lessons range from beginner to advanced, so you’ll feel adequately challenged from start to finish. The app also uses speech recognition tech to test your pronunciation, as well as review sessions to reinforce your new skills.

With a lifetime subscription, you get access to all 14 of the languages that Babbel currently teaches, such as Spanish, German and French. You also don’t have to worry about recurring subscription fees. Just pay once to enjoy all the app has to offer. Speaking of which, the Babbel app can be used across multiple devices, so you can save your progress anywhere you go. Courses, lessons and review sessions can be downloaded and accessed for offline study as well.

Babbel claims that with consistent practice, you can speak a new language confidently within a month. Your dream vacation might have to wait for a bit longer than that, but Babbel’s language learning lessons can keep you company until then. Lifetime subscriptions are available today for $179.

Prices are subject to change.

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