Baby Albion was full-term baby boy, RCMP reveal

Baby Albion was full-term baby boy, RCMP reveal

Baby Albion, a dead newborn found outside a church in Mount Albion, P.E.I., was full-term baby boy, P.E.I. RCMP revealed Tuesday.

Two years ago Wednesday, on April 12, 2015, the body of a newborn infant was found near the Birch Hill Free Church of Scotland in Mount Albion.

The RCMP is releasing new details about the investigation into Baby Albion in the hopes of uncovering more information about the case.

'We hold back pieces of information'

The biggest new detail is that Baby Albion was a full-term baby boy. Police still have not released the cause of death.

"Sometimes when we conduct large investigations ... we hold back pieces of information or evidence that may help us further along in the investigation," said Cst. Shannon Hodder of the P.E.I RCMP Major Crime Unit. "We felt this was a piece we needed to hold back as only certain people may know these types of information." 

The baby's body was discovered wrapped in a towel with an embroidered green frog on it — an image that was previously released to the public. 

"The baby was left in a fashion that showed care to us," Hodder said. "The baby was swaddled in a towel, similar to any parent would swaddle their baby up, maybe to put them to bed." 

Reward offered

Since discovering Baby Albion, police have been using trying to determine who his parents are, exploring what is called kinship DNA to see if they can determine the family Baby Albion belonged to.

RCMP have responded to "numerous tips from the public," Hodder said, but haven't found a match. 

"We were hoping to have this investigation solved within the first three days," Hodder said. "It's very frustrating, but we have to push forward and not lose sight of the ultimate goal."

Police are again releasing the image of the green frog from the towel Baby Albion was wrapped in, and ask if anyone remembers seeing this type of embroidered frog image or any other information to contact the RCMP at 902-368-9300 or P.E.I. Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Police are still offering a reward of up to $2,000 if the information helps to solve the case.

"We want to find Baby Albion's parents and put some closure to this," Hodder concluded. 

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