Baby bat rays munch on sushi in adorable video

Photo from Monterey Bay Aquarium

Baby bat rays at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California appear to have fancy taste.

The diamond-shaped creatures were captured munching away on fresh, sustainable salmon and other fish morsels that were dropped into their tank by staff.

The bat rays suck the food into their mouths, which resemble a smiley-faces, and use their plate-like teeth, which can crush even the toughest of clamshells, to slowly chew the food down. Bat ray’s teeth grow continuously. When a tooth breaks or wears down, a new one grows in place — something that also happens to sharks.

Footage of the babies shows them trying to slurp back the raw fish as it gently spills out of their mouth. Then they flap their bat-like wings with the pieces of fish secured in their choppers, and merrily float along.