Baby elephant chases keeper to demand his watermelons

Indie is a cheeky, but adorable elephant who lives at the Elephant Nature Park in Chang Mai, Thailand. He is not yet the big elephant that he will soon be, but he has the big appetite of a full grown elephant. Growing rapidly, he will soon be almost four times his present size. Indie is among dozens of elephants that were rescued from street performing roles or horrific zoos where they were forced to endure painful and unsatisfactory conditions. Rehabilitation and rescue centres such as this one bring these gentle beasts to this compound in the mountains where they are given a second chance at life. Elephants are among the most abused animals on the planet. Due to their great strength, they are exploited for labour and for rides. Tourists unwittingly pay for a ride or a performance, not knowing that behind every submissive elephant is a long history of torture and pain. The elephants allow the human contact out of fear. But sanctuaries like this are becoming more popular among tourists who want to see the animals up close while funding the industry that helps the elephants, not the industry that enslaves them. One of the world leaders in this effort is WildlifeSOS in India. They have promoted the "Refuse to Ride" movement, educating the public about the need to boycott any facility that engages in forced behaviour such as riding and submission. These gentle beasts are intelligent and full of compassion and emotions more complex than we have given them credit for. They deserve only our respect and proper treatment. Anyone seeking interaction or a chance to observe elephants can research and find the facilities that promote proper care and provide humane conditions. - please visit their website and consider helping them.