Baby Elephant Enjoys A Muddy Face Scrub

The video shows a baby elephant loving its facial scrub in the mud. While we as humans go to a spa to treat and pamper our bodies and skins, wild animals in the African wild have developed their own ways of enjoying a spa, looking after their own bodies and skins. One animal that certainly enjoys a good African ‘bush spa’ is the elephant. Spending every day of their lives on the move through the African savanna, elephants attract all kinds of parasites and ticks, eventually leaving them with an itchy skin and body. As a remedy, elephants have learned that a good mud bath and a scratch against a hard surface afterwards help them to get rid of all those pesty ticks and parasites. During a safari we came across this baby elephant that clearly had to deal with a great itch on its face. While watching a herd of elephants enjoying splashing themselves with mud, I noticed one baby elephant standing with its back side up in the air. The baby elephant hilariously had its face in the mud, and it looked like it was really enjoying standing in such an awkward position with its face in the mud. The baby elephant looked like it was ploughing through the mud with its face and mouth. The baby elephant clearly had an itch it could not scratch as its was moving its face up and down through the mud. It looked so funny and there were even pieces of mud stuck on its trunk and face. It looked like the baby elephant was loving its facial scrub in the mud, creating its own ‘spa’ experience right there in the African wild. The baby elephant eventually got up, and with a face full of mud, ran off to join its mother. The baby elephant looked satisfied while we were treated to a very funny baby elephant encounter out in the wild.