Baby Kaylee's father facing 10 domestic assault charges

An Ontario father who was once at the centre of a bizarre saga involving a controversial offer to donate his infant daughter's heart has surrendered to police on 10 charges related to a domestic assault.

Jason Wallace, the father of Baby Kaylee, appeared in a Barrie court on Thursday.

According to court records, Wallace, 42, is charged with:

- Two counts of assault causing bodily harm

- Five counts of assault

- Assault with a weapon

- Threatening death or bodily harm

- Sexual Assault

In February, South Simcoe Police released a bulletin warning the public that Wallace was wanted for the alleged assaults.

According to police, Wallace surrendered on Thursday in Bradford, near Newmarket.

Police would not provide any more information about the charges.

The Baby Kaylee story

Wallace and Kaylee's mother Crystal Vitelli made headlines beginning in 2009 when they offered their daughter's heart to another gravely ill baby.

Kaylee was born with a rare and often deadly brain abnormality and needed intensive care as an infant.

At the time, while being treated at Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital, Wallace and Vitelli met another couple whose child was in need of a heart transplant.

They publicly offered Baby Kaylee's heart to the other family and asked doctors to take her off of life support.

But when she was taken off the ventilator, Kaylee was able to breath on her own and survived.

Wallace continued in the media spotlight as he harshly criticized the care Kaylee was getting at Sick Kids and hired a publicist in an attempt to raise money for the family.

Criminal past

Wallace has a long criminal record, something that came under scrutiny during the Baby Kaylee saga.

He served jail time for a 2002 assault conviction.

Wallace has also been convicted of impersonating a police officer, drug trafficking and fraud.