Baby rhino hilariously attempts to intimidate wildebeest

The video shows a funny moment when a baby rhino unexpectedly decides to show a wildebeest, double its own size, who’s the boss of the African savanna. Going on an African safari is an exciting deal and the best part of it all, every single safari drive that you will go on will be different, guaranteed. The African bush, with its incredible diversity of fauna and flora, always has something new to amaze, excite or surprise those out on their early morning or late afternoon safari. Some days you might see something that no one could ever have imagined or hoped to see. One great example of such a special occasion played out in the African savanna, between a baby rhino and a wildebeest bull. These are two species of animal not even the most veteran safari goers will associate with one another. The two species always stay out of each other’s way and don’t mix at all. That was until a baby rhino hilariously decided one morning, that today was a good day to go and attempt to intimidate a large wildebeest bull. The video shows how an adorable looking baby rhino, that unexpectedly left the side of its mother, casually wandered off by itself. There were a few animals scattered around the open savanna plains and it looked like the baby rhino was just going for a random walk. But it turned out the baby rhino’s walk was with intent. To the amazement and laughter of the safari tourists, the baby rhino walked straight up to a large wildebeest. The baby rhino then mocked charged towards the wildebeest, looking fearless and brave. The wildebeest quickly took the little rhino serious when it faced the baby rhino with its horns. The wildebeest probably thought ‘What the hell is up with you little one’. Amazingly the either cheeky or brave baby rhino persisted with its intimidating charges and managed to turn the wildebeest, having it run away from it more than once. That was unexpected. The wildebeest then turned around to face the baby rhino. The baby rhino then stopped, and it was as if common sense kicked in when it turned around in a flash, running straight back to mommy. What a rare and extremely funny moment out in the African wild.