Baby rhino looks adorable while sprinting up & down the road

A baby rhino is surely one of the cutest creatures that inhabit the African wild. When baby rhinos start running, they explode with a serious overdose of cuteness. This video shows how uniquely adorable baby rhinos are when they run. Rhinos are one of Africa’s big five animals and currently the most threatened of them all. Seeing these creatures disappearing in the wild purely for the sake of their horns is a sad story on its own. While rhinos face a tough time in Africa, the species on the other hand is doing great when it comes to breeding in protected areas which helps in the battle for their survival. Seeing a rhino in the wild is always a special occasion. These creatures are so uniquely different to any other animal on this planet. Seeing the offspring of a rhino is always guaranteed to be a heart-warming experience. A baby rhino is seriously one of the most adorable inhabitants on this planet and any encounter with a baby rhino will put a smile on your face. The video shows such an encounter during an African safari when a mother rhino and her baby was found standing a way down in the road. While the mother rhino was standing still, her baby was bursting with energy. The baby rhino was sprinting at full speed up and down the road to everyone’s amazement. Everyone was not just amazed by the baby rhino’s energy, but by how adorable this baby rhino looked while running up and down. With its big feet, skinny legs, wrinkly skin, stumpy nose and pointy ears, this baby rhino looked like a soft squeezy toy you just want to pick up and give a big hug. The mother rhino eventually realised her calf was getting too far from her and followed it for a while before disappearing out of sight into the bush. The baby rhino displayed one more time how brilliantly fast and cute it was before disappearing into the bush, hasting after its mother.