Baby says ‘mama’ in hilariously creepy way

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One baby in Ireland is cracking up his parents — and the world — with his hilarious version of the word “mama.”

Mom Maiken Woll Eide captured the moment while her adorable 16-month-old baby, AJ, was sitting on his dad’s lap cheerfully eating a snack. While the little guy was munching away, Eide asked him through stifled laughter to say one particular word.

“AJ, can you say ‘mama?'” she asked her son.

As if he were in on the joke himself, AJ stopped his chewing, broke into a smile and then let out a version of “mama” that seems more suited to The Exorcist than to family breakfast table chat.

“Mama,” he growled.

Seeing his mom’s reaction and hearing his dad losing it with laughter behind him, little AJ keeps going.

“Mama, mama,” he growled again.

He then went back to eating like it was no big deal. Mom and Dad, meanwhile, couldn’t stop laughing.

Little AJ has been focused recently on babbling and learning to say “papa,” Eide told Storyful. But his version of “mama” was totally unexpected and “almost demonic,” the mom added.

A future voiceover artist?

Commenters on the YouTube post couldn’t hide their amusement, with some even suggesting future career choices for the toddler.

“I’ve never laughed so hard. I cried it was so funny,” one commenter wrote.

“When he turns five, he’ll have a bright career doing movie trailer voiceovers,” read another comment.

That person wasn’t the only one to suggest little AJ get into voiceover work.

“Funniest thing I’ve seen all day! I can already see him being a voice actor one day,” read one career adviser.

While other comments also suggested a future in Norwegian heavy metal, someone wrote what all of us were already thinking — “I’m scared how he’s going to say daddy.”

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