Baby Sea Lion's Typical Day Is A Perfect One

Sea lions populate almost every sandy beach and rocky shore in the Galapagos Islands. These loveable characters live in large colonies with complex social structure. It's hard to find a spot to stretch out on the sand without being close to at least one. This beach on San Cristobal Island is no different from the others. A large male watches over his colony of females along with many babies. The babies live a life that we would all be envious of. While the mothers are out hunting for food, the babies play in the surf and on the sand, patiently waiting for the return of their mother. These youngsters play an energetic game of chasing each other in and out of the waves. One of them has even found a chunk of broken sea urchin and he chases it as the surf throws it around in the shallows. The female sea lions are like milk machines and they feed their young for more than a year as the young grow big and strong enough to venture out into the ocean for their own food. The mother sea lions come back to shore with full bellies and they call out to their babies who will answer the calls enthusiastically. The two will greet each other as the mother finds a spot to lie down in the sun or in the shade. She will roll on her side to allow the pup access to her milk. The pup will drink until he is full and then he will find a quiet spot to nap as well. This will be repeated several times per day. It's an easy life, for the most part. We should all have a chance to live like this for at least a few weeks!

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