Bacchus motorcycle club member arrested for weapons offences say RCMP

Island RCMP say they arrested a member of the Bacchus Motorcycle Club for weapons offences on the weekend.

RCMP say members of the Organized Crime Task Force arrested a New Brunswick man Saturday in Charlottetown.

The Mounties allege the man carried a concealed sword at an event in Charlottetown back in January.

"The arrest stemmed from observations made during surveillance on January 21, 2017 at the Atlantic Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting in Charlottetown," according to a written statement issued by RCMP. "The male was observed to be carrying a cane that has a sword inside into the meeting."

RCMP told CBC News the man was wearing a Bacchus Motorcycle Club jacket the day of the event in January, and at the time of his arrest Saturday.

RCMP said that police investigators will now consult Crown prosecutors on the possible criminal charge or charges that might result.

Police say the man was released from custody following his arrest Saturday.

The Organized Crime Task Force comprises police officers from Charlottetown, Summerside and Kensington, and from Island RCMP.

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