Bachelor Nation is in tears after 'Bachelorette' Katie Thurston sends home fan favorite

Katie Thurston had an epiphany after kissing Connor B. on The Bachelorette Monday night, that there was no longer a spark between them and unexpectedly sent him home during their one-on-one date.

Connor B. told Katie it was okay because it was "worth it to have met you," but was totally crushed and later admitted during his confessional, "The most heartbreaking part of that is, like, starting off that strong and then… God, how bad of a kisser am I?"

Unlike past Bachelor and Bachelorette protocol, in which someone from production came in to grab the contestant's suitcase, Connor B. got an opportunity to actually say goodbye to the remaining men in the house, which was even more heartbreaking.

After a tearful goodbye among the men, Bachelor Nation took to social media to voice their concern for the bro he was leaving behind, Greg, while others were emotional over how heartbroken the guys were. One fan even called it "the worst breakup in Bachelorette history."

"It was heartbreaking to watch Connor walk in in tears," said Tre. "I'm shook right now. I know the guy's heart. He's such a good guy. I feel like I'm a very similar person to Connor in a lot of ways and, honestly, my confidence is super shaken right now."

"It's a lot heavier than I thought it'd be," admitted James, while Justin stated, "You know it's gonna come to an end eventually, but it just, it hits different when it actually happens."

And with that, only seven guys remain in the competition for Katie's heart.

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